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We, the community of Idente Missionaries, welcome you and thank you for visiting online the Monastery and the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. We hope that our website will highlight all the information regarding history, worship, ministries and the available service opportunities.


Do not hesitate to inform yourself more about our church here on our site or to come and visit us. We would like to greet you and share with you our love for Jesus Christ and for you, our neighbor.


Our mission is to help everyone to open their hearts to Christ who calls us to be saints in our daily lives. We will be more than happy to be available in case you need to talk to us.


This site wants to be a virtual door to the church and to the monastery of Santa Maria degli Angeli. We invite you to explore the different ways you could be involved in the life of this community.


Welcome to the Santa Maria degli Angeli website. Thanks for visiting.

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